F1 Loses Its Halo

The latest modification to the F1 races is the introduction of an overhead cockpit protection called Halo. While some stakeholders in the industry have been in support of the development, the voices of critics are louder. The basis for opposing the protection gear is in two folds; while some are repelled by the unattractive looks of the gears, others believe […]

Renault Blunder Costs Ricciardo ‘A Great Result’

A blunder by the Renault team cost Daniel Ricciardo a higher standing at the Monaco grand prix and he is not too happy about it. The supercars races have always been half on the talent side and half on luck and strategy. While Daniel Ricciardo is definitely not lacking on the talent side, the luck and strategy side failed him […]

Van Gisbergen Triumphs In Chaotic Townsville Supercars

Like a phoenix, Van Gisbergen emerged from literal rain and fire to victory The scene was almost like out of a movie when Shane Van Gisbergen overcame all of the weather and technical challenges to become the winner of the Townsville 500 in a chaotic competition that left many of the racers rattled. The race was a gamble for many […]

Duggan Is Her Own Boss

Emily Duggan is one of a kind While it is the dream of many to be their own boss, Australian race cars driver, Emily Duggan is living that dream. The Brisbane-born driver currently competes in the Super 3 series and the Toyota 86 racing series where she is ranked 6th and 35th respectively. The idea of being your own boss […]

$5000 Openwheelers Set For Sandown Debut

$5000 debuts with legendary racers at the wheels. The $5000 series are set to make their debut at the grand prix in Sandown and everyone is excited. About fourteen of the new S5000 class are expected at the event and all will be driven by star racers such as Tim Berryman, Rubens Barrichelo, Alex Davison, Matthew Brabham, Will Brown, John […]

Injured warriors denied loan request by NRL

Loans And Injuries New Zealand Warriors have $1 million worth of talent injured and the NFL is refusing to grant a loan of players to the talent-depleted team. With a long list of injured players, the Warriors are in desperation to get more players on strategic points before the start of the season. The New Zealand Warriors CEO, Cameron George, […]

NRL and refrees head to arbitration

Referees And Mediation All mediation attempts to settle the tussle between the National Rugby League and its referees continue to reach a stalemate and both parties are set to go into arbitration to find a settlement. The bone of contention is the NRL’s decision to go back to the one on-field official as opposed to the modern norm of two […]

NRL confirms venues for round 3-9

Here’s All You Need To Know The impact of the covid-19 pandemic on various sectors of the global community cannot be underemphasised. While sectors such as health, economy, tourism, and transportation received overwhelming attention due to the direct impact of the pandemic on their activities, the effect of the pandemic on other sectors cannot be trivialised. One of such industries […]

Greg inglis announces shock UK super league return

Greg Inglis Is Back! The Rugby world was thrown into a frenzy when, on 20 May 2020, Greg Inglis announced his return to the League. Coming back a year after announcing his retirement, the Melbourne Storm Star was welcomed back with mixed reactions, but mostly positive. As fans look forward to the comeback of the rugby star, let’s take a […]

Women’s state of origin confirmed

Sunshine Coast Stadium Set To Host Women’s State Of Origin The 2020 Harvey Norman Women’s State of Origin has been set to kick off in Queensland after the National Rugby League settled the venues for the Men’s and Women’s series. The event is to hold on Friday, 13 November 2020 in Sunshine Coast Stadium. The Sunshine Coast Council Mayor, Mark […]