Student’s Name : Yasmin

Age: 10

Which school do you go to?: Mossgiel Park Primary School

Book name : Fairy Realm: The Star Cloak

Author of the book: Emily Rodda


This story is about a girl called Jessie who’s Grandmother is the queen of an enchanted forest. In this book, the story is about an elf called Giff who manages to damage the star cloak (a cloak that is able to give everyone as many wishes as they want for 1 night only). So he goes to Jessie’s house to ask if she can go with him to the Star Fairie’s Castle, where they make the cloaks so they can fix it. Unfortunately,on the way to the castle,Giff gets stuck on the mountain, unable to move. The Star Cloak is the first book of the second series of Fairy Realm. This book is mainly for grades 2-5. The book also has very beautiful and detailed drawings.

What type of story was it?: Magic

What do you rate the book out of 10?: 9

Which AFL team do you support?: Collingwood