Student’s Name: Keira
Age: 10
Which school do you go to?: Fleetwood Primary School
Book name : Gangsta Granny
Author of the book: David Walliams
It all started when Ben’s granny was all boring. Ben hated her especially when she made cabbage soup for dinner. Granny heard Ben saying how boring she was. Eventually Granny told Ben she was an international jewel thief. At Ben’s house the only show that was ever turned on was Strictly Stars Dancing. You see Ben’s parents were obsessed with ballroom dancing and their house was full of Flavio Flavioli memorabilia. Granny had been telling Ben that she had been dreaming of stealing the crown. I think it is a great book for kids between 7 and 14.
What type of story was it?: Adventure
What do you rate the book out of 10?: 8
Which AFL team do you support?: Adelaide