Student’s Name : Darcy
Age: 11
Which school do you go to?: Fleetwood Primary School
Book name : Gangsta Granny
Author of the book: David Williams
A boy named Ben lives with his mom and dad but every Friday, he goes to his granny’s house while his parents watch Strictly Stars Dancing. There was a secret that granny hadn’t told Ben yet, Ben’s granny was a gangster. Down Bens gangster granny’s street, there was a man named Mr Parker. He always spied on granny. One day, he knocked on her door and entered the house. Thankfully, he got inside at the wrong time because she was doing her naked yoga. Bens granny heard that ben thought she was boring, so she told him some stories (better known as lies) and said how she stole jewels. Eventually, they made a plan on stealing the crown jewels. They got in by the sewage pipe which is probably why when they got seen by the queen, she said they smelled like poo. Amazingly, they didn’t get into trouble. When they got home from their mission, they got surrounded by police and questioned about the jewels but they didn’t have them. Soon after that, they found out that gangster granny has cancer and she dies on Christmas eve.
What type of story was it?: Funny
What do you rate the book out of 10?: 7
Which AFL team do you support?: Melbourne