Student’s Name : Ali
Age: 12
Which school do you go to?: Fleetwood Primary School
Book name : Gangsta Granny
Author of the book: David Walliams
Gangster Granny
Gangster granny is about an 11 year old kid and a gran. It starts when he calls his mum  complaining how the gran is boring and gran hurt him. So gran made a story up from the book she was reading. She said she was the Black Cat. Ben wanted to be a plumber. At night Ben want to his gran and she was wearing a black cloak and going to the jewelry store.  That’s when she said she was an international jewel thief. Gran went to hospital and Ben hoped to see gran. Gran said she was good to go to steal the jewels. I thought the book it is OK. Grade 4 and 5 should read this book.  It was also sad because the gran died but was also funny.
What type of story was it?: Funny
What do you rate the book out of 10?: 9
Which AFL team do you support?: Richmond