Student’s Name : Mitchell
Age: 11
Which school do you go to?: Fleetwood Primary School
Book name : Gangsta Granny
Author of the book: David Walliams
It all started when Granny became an international jewel thief called the black cat. She had a grandson named Ben that came over every single Friday. Ben thought his Granny was boring because she loved to play scrabble, she stunk of cabbage and everywhere she went she farted like a duck going quack. Ben’s mum and dad were obsessed with ballroom dancing and the host a guy called Flavio Flavioli. One day Granny heard Ben call his mum and he went on about how he wanted to go home and how much his Granny was boring. So Granny actually faked being a jewel thief. Ben had a lot of magazines about plumbing because Ben wanted to be a plumber when he was older. Granny had a nosy neighbour called Mr Parker, one time he went to go investigate Granny’s bungalow and saw Ben. He pushed the boy out of the way and opened the door to the room that Granny was in. He saw the old lady doing naked yoga. Mr Parker was horrified at what he saw but he was still suspicious granny was a thief. Ben thought granny was a jewel thief and planned a heist for the pair to steal the impossible- well at least everyone thought was impossible. It was the crown jewels. He went to steal stuff from school and everything to steal the jewels when the time was right. They went out to steal the jewels but when they attempted the heist in London they fumbled it. The queen caught them and just let them go and told them don’t do it again. When they got home Granny revealed she had cancer.
What type of story was it?: Adventure
What do you rate the book out of 10?: 9
Which AFL team do you support?: Geelong