Student’s Name : Isobel
Age: 9
Which school do you go to?: Stella Maris Beaumaris
Book name: Netball Gems Defend to the End
Author of the book: B Hellard and L Gibbs
I love this book. All the detail and description was making me want to read on and on. My favourite part was the end part when Maia and her teammates were all good friends and they had won a really tough game against a hard playing team. My least favourite part is when Maia was scared to do netball because you shouldn’t be scared of anything and always give things a go! This book took me a while to read but I defiantly recommend it to girls 10 years and over who love netball. I rate this book 10 stars because it is really interesting with all the drama and sporty things that happen. This book inspired me to think about playing netball one day and to always follow my dreams.
What type of story was it?: Sporty
What do you rate the book out of 10?: 10
Which AFL team do you support?: Richmond

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  1. Ava

    Amazing report Izzy

    You did an amazing book report and you used great discriptive words to summarise the story.

    I think your right when you say to always follow your dreams because that is what you have to do.

    From Ava

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