Student’s Name: Layla
Age: 9
Which school do you go to?: Courtenay Gardens PS
Book name : Rule of Three
Author of the book: Megan McDolanld
Review: Rule of Three is about 3 sisters – Alex, Stevie and Joey. Alex is the actor but Stevie prefers to stay behind the scenes. When auditions for the school musical come around, Stevie decides she’s sick of being the sensible one. Maybe she’d like to be the one in the spotlight……
With little sister Joey egging them on, Stevie and Alex are soon engaged in a fierce competition – who will get the lead role? When Alex get’s the role, Stevie is upset but happy for her sister. At least she’s in the chorus. But Stevie is happy as she likes baking and enters the cake contest so she wouldn’t have time anyway.
What do you rate the book out of 10?: 8
Which AFL team do you support?: Melbourne