Student’s Name : Neveah
Age: 10
Which school do you go to?: Coral Park Primary School
Book name: The 78 Storey Treehouse
Author of the book: Andy Griffiths
The 78 Storey Tree House is a good book for kids with imagination like me. It’s also good for kids that like fictional books and chapter book because it’s got both in one and it also has 13 funny chapters. I like the book because it’s funny, exciting, interesting and entertaining. Summary it’s a storey about 2 kids named Andy bad Terry that live in a tree house and are making a movie with a diretor named Mr Big Shots but Andy isn’t included so he does other stuff like sitting on a giant unhatched egg, spinning 78 plates and scribbling in the scribble room. Afterwards Andy and Terry make a good book instead of a good movie because Andy wasn’t included.
What type of story was it?: Funny
What do you rate the book out of 10?: 10
Which AFL team do you support?: Collingwood