Student’s Name : Jessica
Age: 10
Which school do you go to?: Stella Maris Beaumaris
Book name: The One and Only Ivan
Author of the book: Katherine Applegate
This was one of best books I have ever read! It was as if I had read an actual Gorillas Diary. Ivan (The gorilla) is surprisingly very good at painting. When he was younger the mall owner Mack used to sell his artworks and people used to buy them. But that changed when he was older. People stopped buying the paintings. When a baby elephant Ruby comes along it changes Ivan’s way of thinking. With help from Julia and the other animals they come up with an AWESOME plan which they hope will make their dreams come true. I would recommend this book for children 9 years and older.
What type of story was it?: Animal
What do you rate the book out of 10?: 10
Which AFL team do you support?: St Kilda

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  1. Ava

    You did an amazing book report.

    I have never read that book before but it sounds like a great book to read.
    Because you summarised the book beautifully it sounds very interesting.

    From Ava

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