Student’s Name : Tran
Age: 9
Which school do you go to?: James Cook Primary School
Book name : The Race Across America
Author of the book: Geronimo Stilton
Review: I think this novel is very courageous and about having a go. I recommend this book for children 12 years and under.
This book is about Geronimo being forced to race 3,000 miles across America on a bike but luckily he has a friend to help him finish. They had some breaks, while resting he would do exercises to prepare for the next time he has to go back in the race. When he was one metre from the finish line he saw a mouse ahead of him and raced as hard as he could. While doing that, his bike slipped on a rock and he flew into the air, past the finish line. HE HAD WON!! All of his supporters cheered and celebrated. He held his trophy in the air. While going back on the plane he visited Hope Hospital and shared his adventure with them.

What type of story was it?: Adventure
What do you rate the book out of 10?: 9
Which AFL team do you support?: Hawthorn