Student’s Name : Samantha
Age: 11
Which school do you go to?: Rangebank Primary School
Book name : The Twits
Author of the book: Roald Dahl
The twits… Old, Ugly and Evil.
The twits aren’t just any old people they are old horrendous , horrible people. They pull pranks on each other, fool each other and so much more terrible things.
Is Mrs Twit shrinking?
Are these worms in Mr Twits spaghetti?!
Well this book will not just tell you the answers to those two questions. It will leave you wanting to read more and more!
This is such a fun, exciting, funny and comical book.
I recommend this to those who love hilarious pranks and tons of adventures.
This is a made up story so it’s fiction.
I think this book suits ages 9-12 but honestly anyone could love this book.
What type of story was it?: Funny
What do you rate the book out of 10?: 9
Which AFL team do you support?: St Kilda