Student’s Name: Tiana
Age: 11
Which school do you go to?: Rangebank Primary School
Book name : The Witches
Author of the book: Roald Dahl
This story is about a little boy that lives with his Grandma in a little house in The United Kingdom. His Grandma believes in Witches. Each night his Grandma tells him stories about Witches every night before he goes to bed. She says a lot of Witches are in Norway. A few days later,the little boy climbs a tree at his Grandmas house. He soon encounters a witch too!! He waits a few hours until the witch is gone and he climbs down from the tree into his safe home. They both go on adventures throughout the book.

Read the book to find out!!
What type of story was it?: Adventure
What do you rate the book out of 10?: 10
Which AFL team do you support?: Collingwood