Student’s Name: Sauleola
Age: 11
Which school do you go to?: Rangebank Primary School
Book name : Zac Power Spy Camp: Zac Climbs High
Author of the book: H.I. Larry
This story is about a kid turning 12 named Zac and a girl name Celia. Zac and Celia are working for an agent named Gib. Celia was actually a bad person  when Celia and Zac went to do a physical text. For this test they had to balance on high things and show how agile they are.
Celia fools the trainer by asking if she can go to the bathroom. When in reality Celia sneaks back and cuts the rope to Zac’s equipment and this means Zac falls to ground because of the cut rope. While Celia passes the test the trainer looked at the cut rope then saw a knife next to Celia. They put Celia in the jail.
What type of story was it?: Adventure
What do you rate the book out of 10?: 1
Which AFL team do you support?: Adelaide