Student’s Name : Ethan
Age: 11
Which school do you go to?: Rangebank Primary School
Book name : Zac Power: Water Blaster
Author of the book: H.I. Larry
The book is about Zac and his family coming into the city on their biggest spy mission ever.They had to keep B.I.G agents Caz and Blackwood from putting together a dangerous super gadget known as iris. But Blackwood had laid a trap for Zac’s family in the city of snow. The evil white ninjas who lived in the mountains kidnapped his parents and his brother Leon.  Zac and his Grandpa were left. Caz and Blackwood had stolen three pieces of iris from Zac’s backpack. Now she and Blackwood escaped in search of the fourth and final piece of iris.
What type of story was it?: Mystery
What do you rate the book out of 10?: 9
Which AFL team do you support?: Collingwood