The Melbourne Football Club player’s visited schools in the Casey region this week, seeing over 1000 students from 19 schools.

The players ran a range of different sessions at the schools including football clinics, leadership talks and the MFC’s literacy-based program ‘Read Like A Demon’.

Players read the featured book for the Read Like A Demon session, ‘The Little Stowaway’ by Vicki Bennett, before taking the students through questions and activities.

A lot of fun was had during the visits – by both kids and the players! At Hallam Primary School Alex Neal-Bullen tried to convince the grade 3/4 students that he eats 15 weet-bix a day. This was followed up by Jake Lever announcing that he eats 10 bananas a day. And Jeffy Garlett tried to compete with the craziest “fun fact” by telling children that he eats 40 carrots before bed. But can they be believed??

The visits took a more serious tone at Berwick Lodge Primary School, as the players talked about resilience, explaining how they feel if they miss a goal or make a mistake during a game, and how their teammates support them through this. They encouraged kids to talk about times in their own lives when they’ve been a good friend. Examples of good friendship and kindness were rewarded with prizes.

“When I was new to the club and I didn’t know anyone…Dom [Tyson] was my friend” Angus Brayshaw shared. This prompted Declan Keilty to hand Dom some temporary Dees tattoos as his “prize” for being a good friend, much to the giggles from the students!

The highlight at Emerson school was Christian Petracca challenging students to a high marking contest. Students had to choose whether they believed their class mate would mark it or not and if they got it wrong were punished with push-ups and star jumps.

Casey school visit 1

Bernie Vince discusses ‘The Little Stowaway’ with students at Berwick Primary School

Casey school visit 2

Pat McKenna conducting a ‘Read Like a Demon’ session with another group at Berwick Primary School

Casey school visit 3

Harry Petty, Christian Petracca and Lachie Filipovic at Emerson Middle School

Casey school visit 4

Sam Frost, Joel Smith and Aaron vandenBerg with Year 3/4 student leaders at Strathaird Primary School

Casey school visit 5

Jeff Garlett, Jay Kennedy Harris, Jake Leaver and Alex Neal-Bullen take questions at Hallam Primary School

Casey school visit 6

Dom Tyson, Angus Brayshaw and Declan Keilty after their clinic at James Cook Primary School