‘When Superheroes don’t get their way, when they’re sad, when they’re mad, when they’ve had a bad day . . . . . . they COULD super-tantrum, they COULD but they DON’T, because REAL Superheroes just WOULDN’T – they WON’T!

It can be hard to cope sometimes when you’re having a bad day, so what do superheroes do when they’re having a bad day?

Luckily, the superhero players from the Melbourne Football Club were on hand to answer this question when they visited students at school recently as part of the Club’s ‘Read Like a Demon’ program.

The players read Shelley Becker’s colourful, action-packed story, ‘Even Superheroes Have Bad Days’  to the students who were intrigued to learn that even footballers have bad days, both when they’re playing football and when they’re not. Together, the players and students shared the different things they do to help them cope on a bad day – sometimes it’s going for a walk, listening to music, meditating or talking to a friend.

The students really enjoyed using their imagination to create their own superhero name and superhero powers on their very own Melbourne Football Club Superhero Academy certificate which was even signed by the players!

The players also discussed their favourite books, with Mitch King revealing his love of Harry Potter.
“I’d be Gryffindor for sure” he told his classroom, whilst teammate Sam Frost responded with a grin “I’d be Slytherin”.

In addition to the classroom visits, the players also ran football clinics at some schools. For some students, this was the first time they had picked up a football, while others enjoyed getting tips from the players to help them improve their handballing and kicking skills.

Our women’s player, Melissa Hickey told the kids it’s ok to make mistakes. “It doesn’t matter if you kick the ball…wherever, as long as you keep having fun with your mates, and learn from your mistakes” she said.

Jack Watts loved being the “class clown” amongst the kids and showed off his juggling skills in-between handballing, while the students were astonished when Nathan Jones told them that players sometimes run up to 20km in one footy match – this is like running from the MCG almost as far as Melbourne Airport!

Be sure to keep your eye on our Deezone website for details of future school visits from the Melbourne Football Club – it is a great opportunity not to be missed!