Read Like a Demon

Hi there, and welcome to Read Like a Demon 2018! Here at the Melbourne Football Club, when we’re not kicking goals on the field, we love nothing more than diving head first into a good book, newspaper or even a magazine. There are so many awesome reasons to read – sometimes we read for enjoyment, sometimes to expand our understanding of how the world works, and sometimes it might even be to learn how to do something new. If anything, it is certainly a great way to wind down after a big game on the field! We look forward to announcing our 2018 Read Like a Demon player ambassadors very soon and exploring all the new experiences that this exciting program has to offer this year, including:

  • digital chats with the players from the Melbourne Football Club. Find out about why they love to read and what their favourite books are
  • an interactive website about Anzac Day and the involvement of the Australian soldiers in the First World War.
  • a brand new selection of books recommended for all our bookworms out there
  • the opportunity to submit your own book review in our ‘Read Like a Demon Book Review’ competition with prizes awarded to students who are selected as our Reviewers of the Month
  • the chance for all our budding authors to put pen to paper and share with us their very own piece of creative writing, inspired and created entirely by YOU. Our Read Like a Demon Ambassadors will read and select their favourite stories, and our Write Like a Demon finalists and winner will be announced at our Annual Gala Day at the MCG.

Sound exciting? Then jump on board and click on the link below to get your school registered!