‘Read Like a Demon’ is a literacy program which was established to inspire a love of reading among young children through sport. The program can be implemented in the classroom by teachers as a means of adding value to their school’s own literacy programs.

Introduced as a pilot program in 2009, the Read Like a Demon program aims to celebrate children’s connections with literacy and inspire them to develop their reading and writing skills.  The Melbourne Football Club’s Read Like a Demon Player Ambassadors are presented as positive reading role models, and their involvement in the program demonstrates to students that reading is important in their lives.

The Read Like a Demon Program objectives are to:

  • Support academic success
  • Develop self-esteem and motivation to learn, participate in, and commit to education
  • Encourage a passion for reading and writing
  • Encourage students to rediscover their local libraries.

Click here to download the complete 2017 Read Like a Demon Program Guide