‘Read Like a Demon’ is a literacy program that offers students an opportunity to develop their reading and writing skills with the Melbourne Football Club.

Introduced as a pilot program in 2009, the Read Like a Demon program, also incorporating Write Like a Demon, aims to celebrate children’s connections with literacy, and encourage them to read and write more.  The Melbourne Football Club’s Read Like a Demon Player Ambassadors demonstrate to the students that reading is important in their lives, and are presented as positive reading role models. The program aims to provide students with confidence, and inspire them to develop their reading and writing.

The Read Like a Demon Program objectives are to:

  • Support academic success
  • Develop self-esteem and motivation to learn, participate in, and commit to education
  • Encourage a passion for reading and writing
  • Encourage students to rediscover their local libraries.

Click here to download the complete 2017 Read Like a Demon Program Guide