Alisson Becker’s dad dies in drowning tragedy

Alisson Becker’s dad dies in drowning tragedy

Alisson Becker Loses His Father

Alisson Becker has extended his appreciation to those who sent their condolences on his father’s death. The tragic event happened on Wednesday when his father passed away in a drowning tragedy.

It all started when reports had it that the father was missing after he visited his farm. It was later found out that the man had jumped into a dam that was near his farm. The fire department and the police were called to the scene and they found the body.

The authorities have conducted the necessary checks and examinations to determine the surrounding issues around the death. The conclusion was that there was nothing to be suspicious of concerning the death. All pointers showed that the man had committed suicide by jumping into the river.

Many top clubs in Brazil have since then extended condolences to the goalkeeper and his family. There is great regard for the keeper. Also, Liverpool has shared a post to extend condolences to the goalkeeper, telling him he will never walk alone.

Many premier league players have also shown support to the keeper in the trying period. Also, Fluminense, the club where Alisson’s brother plays, also made a post where they extended condolences to the family in the trying period.

The club stated that they deeply regret the death of the goal keeper’s father. Similarly, Internaconal, which is the place where Alisson and his brother kickstarted their career, has also shared support posts to the family to empathise with the family in these trying times. The club stated that it is with great sadness that they learnt of the news of the death of the goalkeeper and his brother’s father.

On Thursday night, Alisson took to his media pages to thank everyone that has shared support posts for the family during the period the father died and the players were grieving.

The goalkeeper not only thanked the people including his teammates but also ensured to state that the family feels loved by the support and that has been shown to the family from the period the news became public to the very moment the appreciation post was made.

Jose Becker had always inspired his children. He served as a goalkeeper during his youthful life, albeit as an amateur. This influenced the choice of his children to pursue careers in playing football and being a goalkeeper.

Alisson had confessed in an interview two years ago that his father’s love for goalkeeping inspired and influenced his choice to pursue that line since he is from a family of goalkeepers. This goes to show the level of connection shared by Alisson, his brother, and their father.

Ever since the death, reports say that Alisson had made several attempts to travel down to Brazil for the funeral, but to no avail. This is due to the heavy Covid-19 restrictions that’s still on travel and movement.

Recall that the government has placed certain movement restrictive measures in an attempt to reduce the spread of the virus. As such, this has been a hindrance for Alisson and he is still currently trying to get to Brazil for the funeral.


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