Analysing Geelong Cats vs North Melbourne Kangaroos

Analysing Geelong Cats vs North Melbourne Kangaroos

Here’s How The Game Went

The game was an electrifying one with the two teams stealing the show at different points. This is one game that had many fans glued to their screens as the game kept on going from one end to the other.

  • The game took place in a closed room, and as such, many people who joined in had to do so by watching from their screens. Earlier, a formula one game had been cancelled. The news had been flying around that stations had shut down for one reason or the other.
  • The game was characterised by several empty seats, as the stadium looked rather empty. This isn’t going to change in the coming games, as there are still regulations guiding against crowding places, which is often something that comes with the game.
  • Despite the reduced number, the fans turned up and did so with cheerfulness throughout the entire game. The fans had the spirit on and kept on passing comments concerning the game and the decisions of the umpire. The game still had the regular features a game should have except for the empty spaces.

The cheerfulness of the fans continued until the very last whistle. There were fans for both sides. They kept tearing at one another and gearing their players on. On the part of the players, the game was a tight one. While the Cats were trying to get a goal, the Kangaroos had their defence on lock such that the defence was tight and the Cats couldn’t get through.

  • The first half was a tight one as the margin between the two teams didn’t exceed six points. This was a tiny game, pointing to the fact that the two teams didn’t have it easy during the first half of the game. However, the second half was an opportunity for the Kangaroo to race up and they did.
  • With Goldstein and Jarad Waite, the kangaroos were able to kick seven goals against the Cats. At a point, the Cats’ captain tackled Sam Right in what came under a video review, as he was seen to have grabbed the Right’s arms. When a goal by Andrew was denied, the Cats rallied around to criticise the decision. This happened in the third term of the game.

There were several other events that marked the game all through. It was another event when the umpire had to decide whether the ball had been marked over the line by Robbi Tarrant. The umpire had to resort to the video review and even that was not conclusive on the issue.

Geelong kept on pressing hard to make a recovery and score some goals against the Cats. However, every time they tried, the Kangaroos were ready to prevent them from having any performance. Their defence was tight and the Cats couldn’t find a way to break through till the final moment of the game.

This is an indication of how tight the game was. The game progressed from being a really tight one in the first term to being relaxed to the favour of the kangaroos in the subsequent terms.


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