Analysing Phoenix V Wanderers

Analysing Phoenix V Wanderers

The Relevant Facts About The Two Teams

It was an electrifying match between the two teams, which many didn’t know how it was going to go. Some fans had been anticipating the match for a long period and it was a good thing to finally watch it. In recent times, the two teams have played up to 25 matches. This shows that the teams have had a good run within the league and previous matches.

During the matches, the teams put forward their good foot at different points in time. While Phoenix won some, Wanderers also won some others. It has been a back and forth set of plays between the teams, but it shows a competitive spirit, as the teams are ever fully ready at every point in time.

  • Out of the total matches that have been played by the two, Wellington Phoenix has won 9 matches. Sydney, on the other hand, has won 11 matches during the face-offs that the teams have had. The two teams have played both home and away. During these periods, they have had great plays that got the stations and commentators talking at different points in time.
  • This accounts for why the matches between these teams have been a thing of interest to many. This is because the matches and score-lines have quite been balanced. The wins are shared between the two teams, as against one largely dominating the other.

Currently, Wester Wanderers are currently having a replay of their 2015 period when they went unbeaten for a long period in the league. This was a time that earned the team some international recognition, as being unbeaten is a fancy thing in the sport world.

Similarly, the team is currently having something similar, as it has remained unbeaten in the last six games it has played in the A-League. This continues to strengthen the team, thereby making the team one that many teams are looking to face. The unbeaten status has increased the value of the team in the league.

Also, in the games which the team has had against Phoenix, the goals come in during the second half. The first half is often a period where they place pressure on the other team and seek to break through the defence.

The team, more or less, sets the pace for the second half from the first. Thus, by the second half, the team begins to aim for goals and this seems to be a strategy that’s working for the team, as the last set of goals have been in the second half including the last four games played.

During the matches played between the two teams, Tate Russel remains the player with highest number of dribbles attempts. He has tried out to 30 dribbles at different points in time.

This has also increased the player’s visibility, as his name has been on the lips of commentators for a while. Similarly, Ulises Davila of Phoenix has also had the highest number of shots in the league. The player has attempted 17 shots altogether.


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