Analysing St Kilda Saints vs Western Bulldogs

Analysing St Kilda Saints vs Western Bulldogs

The Things We Learnt

We learnt a lot from the St Kilda vs Western Bulldogs game. The game was electrifying and had many people following all along. If you are a fan, you’ll know how much people are keen about the game across various places.

With fans rooting for different teams, no one could say how the results would have turned out. This is one shocking game that kept everyone glued. For all its beauty, there are a few things we can learn about from the game.

Footy games do not get better than what was displayed on the field by St Kilda and Western Bulldogs. If you missed the match, you definitely missed out on a lot. For all lovers of the game, they knew they watched something impressive. This was a game that was fun to watch all through from start to finish.

1. The game started hot and ended on the same note. It was a worthy match to serve as the second game of the season. Unlike the first game a day earlier, the game between St Kilda and Western Bulldogs was a more engaging one with lots of activities on the field such that fans had something to talk about. The game kept everyone alive and offered what the first game couldn’t.

  • The activities weren’t also on one side, but across the two teams, which made the game more engaging and gave the fans of the two teams much to say. For a game that makes for a fun time and perfect moment, this was an adequate one. Both the scorers and the fans were kept busy all through the game as they had to use their voices at one point or the other.
  • At a point, the game felt like the Dogs were dominating the other team. However, the Saints withstood the attacks of the Dogs with its tight defence that made sure nothing could get through without being taken down. Although the match went back and forth between the two teams, neither team reduced its pace, as the match remained highly engaging and entertaining all through.

2. Huntington is a star. She has been making nice strides across different matches despite her being in her 20s. She is a player that everyone’s on the lookout for. While everyone knows she’s in the spotlight and has what it takes to do more, she took the stage during the last game, which has earned her the right to be one of the major stars of the competition.

  • In many tight positions, she claimed the ball from the opponents, won races, and cut through the opponent’s defence. Even more, she hit the scoreboards at different points.

3. The Saints are on fire. This is another thing that we learn from the game. They had both beautiful attacks and wonderful defensive performances, which beat that of their opponent. The Saints won the hearts of many fans in the previous year due to their creativity and swiftness of their young players.

  • It doesn’t look like they are backing down anytime soon. So, everyone should get ready to see more of the action. If the last game is a factor to go by, the Saints are doing fine even though they can do better.

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