Australia’s most heated rivalries

Australia’s most heated rivalries

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Rivalry is a part of sport. You cannot separate the two. The fans love a good rivalry, as it brings out the passion and gives everyone lots of things to say, and what’s sport without a lot of things to say. Interestingly, the Australian sporting sphere provides everyone with enough rivalries to go around.

Across the calendar, there are various periods when teams will hit it off with each other and create rivalries that will extend to the fans. These rivalries have become an expected part of Aussie sports. Here are some of the highly heated rivalries in Australian sport.

Port Adelaide And Adelaide Crows

There has been a rivalry between Port and Crows at a point in time. This is one rivalry that made the news for the wrong reasons one could possibly think of. The rivalry intensified after a match between the two in 2005 when Port won the match and the two teams eventually ended up in the same bar for drinks.

There was a verbal exchange between Mark Ricciuto and Josh Carr and this led to a fight between the two teams. Following this event, the crowd rate at subsequent showdowns has never been lower than 50000. This goes to show how much people like rivalries. It’s a talking point for fans and keeps everyone busy before the next brawl

Sydney FC And Western Sydney

This is one of the biggest rivalries in Aussie sport. It can be linked to the geographical issue between the West and East of Sydney, which has been on for a long period. The issue has degenerated into many more issues between the fans. There’s solid hatred between the fans of the two teams and there have been cases of verbal assault and physical injuries owing to this rivalry.

There have been many controversial moments regarding this issue both on the pitch and off the pitch. If you are looking for one of the most heated rivalries in Australia, this is one to look out for.

Sydney Rooster And South Sydney Rabbitohs

The rivalry between these two can be traced back to the very first rugby season in 1908. The rivalry has remained ever since then. These two teams have had legendary players that have graced the scene including players like Arthur Neetson and Brad Fittler, yet the teams continue to hate each other till the very moment.

There have been several controversies around the teams. The hatred has also transferred to the fans of each team, as there are always verbal altercations between the fans. This is one of the oldest and biggest rivalries in Aussie sport.

Melbourne Storm And Manly Sea Eagles

This is the biggest rivalry in this new era. The previous decade represented one where the two teams had a lot of envy for each other. There have been various controversies across the team members as well as the fans. The hatred is still yet to end as various signs of rivalry are still seen between the teams today.

Melbourne Victory And Melbourne City

While this may not be as historic as those above, this rivalry is also just as heated and passionate. Even though the clubs have much money to spend, they are still yet to become top clubs.


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