How much do AFL players Get Paid?

Salaries And Other Issues AFL on average has much economic activity going on within the league, and as such, is able to pay the players adequately. This accounts for why some have advocated that the AFL contribute towards the sustenance of the AFLW to ensure that the latter also gets to sustain the league and pay the players well. While […]

How much do AFLW players Get Paid?

A Tiered Payment System There have been arguments about the amount received by AFLW players over the years. The major criticism has been about how the female players in the league are paid way less than their male counterparts. There are those arguing that there should be a raise in pay while some others argue that male players have to […]

Analysing Geelong Cats vs North Melbourne Kangaroos

Here’s How The Game Went The game was an electrifying one with the two teams stealing the show at different points. This is one game that had many fans glued to their screens as the game kept on going from one end to the other. The game took place in a closed room, and as such, many people who joined […]

Australia’s most heated rivalries

Games And Controversies Rivalry is a part of sport. You cannot separate the two. The fans love a good rivalry, as it brings out the passion and gives everyone lots of things to say, and what’s sport without a lot of things to say. Interestingly, the Australian sporting sphere provides everyone with enough rivalries to go around. Across the calendar, […]

Sam Kerr: ‘I can’t imagine my life without AFL’

A Fulfilling Experience In a recent interview, Kerr talks about the way her life would have gone if the AFL did not exist. She has a deep passion for playing and she has fostered this love ever since she was young. Growing up, Kerr watched many players dazzle on the field and she knew she wanted to play like them […]

Analysing St Kilda Saints vs Western Bulldogs

The Things We Learnt We learnt a lot from the St Kilda vs Western Bulldogs game. The game was electrifying and had many people following all along. If you are a fan, you’ll know how much people are keen about the game across various places. With fans rooting for different teams, no one could say how the results would have […]