Cricket Australia CEO exists

Cricket Australia CEO exists

Kevin’s Departure From The Organisation

The coronavirus pandemic has been a period causing many disruptions. When the pandemic struck, there were several regulations that were dolled out to regulate the sporting industry to ensure that both the players and the industry at large were not only safe, but also in compliance with the regulations.

This period has also clearly seen the exit of Kevin Roberts who was the CEO of Cricket Australia. Kevin came into the scene in 2018 after the departure of James Sutherland who had served for over 16 years before retiring. Kevin has been at the help of the affairs since then. The contract that brought him on was to last for eighteen months.

Kevin remains one of the most effectives persons to have led the board. He was creative in his approach and has brought several initiatives up to lead the organization through difficult times. His integrity and principles are two key things about him that stand him out among others. He is highly disciplined and operates to delivery efficiency at all times. This has made him an asset to the organization and he has truly served for the period in which he was on the board.

The Covid-19 period caused a lot of strain on activities and reduced the economic activities in the industry. Football can be intensive to run. It is challenging and requires constant funding to ensure that the activities are kept afloat and players are paid.

During the intense period of the pandemic in its early days, sporting activities were suspended and players had to go through a 505 paycheck to ensure that other things were attended to. Since there was no match earning, payments have to be affected whilst other areas are being taken care of.

In fact, during this period, several organisations have gone ahead to secure loans to ensure that operations are kept running pending the period that things get back to normal. Kevin’s departure from Cricket Australia has been linked to measures to cut costs, which he agreed to. Many organisations have been going lean to keep things intact. Where paychecks cannot work, certain persons have had to retire.

In his departure speech, Kevin thanked the group of volunteers and workers that have worked with him and the organization up till the period he left. He thanked the players who have put their passion forward to ensure that they deliver excellent results. Through the help of the volunteers, the organisation has been able to enhance its reach and also extend its visibility.

This has gone a long way in solidifying the brand and getting the organisation to reach an even wider market. The organisation has been able to enable kids to gain an experience of the cricket game and develop passion for playing themselves.

Nick Hockley remains one of the names that have contributed considerably in those positions. He oversaw the organisation of the Women’s T20 Cup that was held in Australia. This is a program through which the organisation has been able to strengthen and support female athletes and their development.


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