Crummer ends two-year injury hell in joy

Crummer ends two-year injury hell in joy

Crummer Returns To The Pitch

  • Injury can be a life-threatening thing for a player. There are several players that have had injuries ending their career. This accounts for why many players try as much as possible to stay away from injuries. However, no matter how much you try, injuries are not predictable, as you never know when it’s to happen.
  • Crummer also had no idea she was going to get an injury that would last for a two-year period. The injury halted his career and he had to focus strength on regaining energy and getting back to the pitch. These are some of the problems caused by injuries.
  • Aside from physical consequences, injuries can also be terrible psychologically. This means that, even when you get better physically, you’ll require the services of a psychologist to help you through the recovery process. Injured players, especially those with a long recovery period, tend to nurture the belief that they are not good enough or that they may get injured again.
  • If these thoughts are not addressed timely, the players will begin to underdeliver and that might just be the end of their careers. As such, injuries are both treated physically and psychologically to ensure full recovery.
  • Crummer recounted that his recovery period could not have been more challenging, as she could not play for over 750 days. She had to focus on recovery and other activities other than football. This was tough because she had to deal with getting familiar with other things and at the same time, not losing touch with his football side. This can be a very difficult thing to do for players.
  • This was even particularly a difficult thing for Crummer considering that the injury was double-legged. So, from January 2019, she had been on a forced break from football to take care of herself if she ever wants to play again.
  • More so, the break caused her fibula and tibia to shatter, so it was not just any kind of injury, but one that was intense. The injury caused her to experience compart syndrome, which made the period nearly unbearable for the player. She had to go through five surgeries before the leg was brought back to good condition.
  • These were tough moments for the player, as she had to content with frequently visiting the hospital. During her recovery process, she recounted how she kept thinking if she will ever get to play football again. This goes to show the extent of the psychological effect which the injury had on the player.
  • Ultimately, the player talked about the great support that came from her family. The family was there for her through and through. This made the process even more bearable and ensured that she had access to the things she needed as and when due.
  • During her rehabilitation stage, she had to move to Queensland to spend time with her family to get closer with the family and get the support that will help through the process without feeling terrible. Following her recovery process, she got signed by Roar coach, whose name is Jake Goodship.

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