Duggan Is Her Own Boss

Duggan Is Her Own Boss

Emily Duggan is one of a kind

While it is the dream of many to be their own boss, Australian race cars driver, Emily Duggan is living that dream. The Brisbane-born driver currently competes in the Super 3 series and the Toyota 86 racing series where she is ranked 6th and 35th respectively.

  • The idea of being your own boss may be enticing but according to Duggan, it is not all a bed of roses. She has to take responsibilities for a number of things such as filing paperwork, preparing booklets for her mechanical engineer, and a travel schedule to ensure that her team is taken care of during races. So, while the idea of being a team owner or manager whilst being a driver is enticing, it is not something Duggan recommends.
  • Working towards her dreams means Duggan also has to work two other jobs on the side; one as a night fill at Woolworths and the other at an installation business. “I don’t mind that aspect of it because it allows me to continue racing”, she said. She continued by saying, “so, it is just something you have to do, but if you do it with a smile on your face, then you’ll enjoy anything”.
  • Like most dreams, Duggan’s own wasn’t easy to accomplish. She faced opposition from various quarters until she grew up and worked her way through to her dreams. She said “it was always something that I really wanted to be a part of that kind of got shot down as soon as I mentioned anything about it. So, it wasn’t until a bit later that I was able to take my own path and buy my own car and start racing.”
  • Buying that first car was also not easy, as was the case with most people setting out on their own without the sponsorship of a team. So, instead of going for the V8 series of her dreams, she had to settle for the Hyundai Excel Series, which she bought for $5000.

Buying a car with the only $5000 she had meant there was no money for other treatments. Overcoming all challenges to earn several podium finishes in the series as well as a third position finish overall in the United States, Duggan was set for a successful career.

The highlight of the woman now known as Emily Duggan came when she became the first female driver to race in the Australian V8 Touring Car Series. Inspiring many during the process, she said, “it’s great to be the first at something but it’s the bitterness about it.

It’s been running for 20 years so it’s kind of disappointing for me to know that I’ve come 20 years later, and I was the first girl to compete in that series.” “The sweet part about it is, it’s cool to be able to help promote that you can do anything, especially in motorsport. So, there’s no reason why gender has to play a part in racing or success”, she concluded.

Duggan is expected to race at the third round of the Super3 Series in Ipswich on July 25-28.


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