Greg inglis announces shock UK super league return

Greg inglis announces shock UK super league return

Greg Inglis Is Back!

The Rugby world was thrown into a frenzy when, on 20 May 2020, Greg Inglis announced his return to the League. Coming back a year after announcing his retirement, the Melbourne Storm Star was welcomed back with mixed reactions, but mostly positive. As fans look forward to the comeback of the rugby star, let’s take a look at some highlights of the announcement.

Inglis has had a successful career that has made him to be regarded as one of the greatest Super League players in modern history. Having earned 39 tests for Australia, 10 State of Origins with Queensland, two Premiership titles with Melbourne Storm and the 2014 NRL title with South Sydney Rabbitohs, Inglis’ return is expected to bring a much-needed break for the UK league, Warrington Wolves.

The English Super League club has signed the star for a one-year deal that is set to commence as soon as the new season starts in 2021. This is with high hopes that the comeback of the 33-year-old will help end the club’s premiership drought that has been dragging on since the 1950s. Many close calls, including four runner-up finishes within the past decades, makes both the club and fans believe that Inglis can work magic to bring the Wolves to the top.

Personally, it is a good time for the athlete. Prior to his retirement in 2019, the NRL star had so many issues going wrong that the retirement was almost a saving grace. Plagued with a series of injuries and scandals, the rugby world was in a constant state of worry over him. Now, with a year break to rejuvenate him physically and mentally, fans are excited to see how much of the hero is left in the man.

In his statement after the announcement, Inglis expressed his excitement to return back to the field and in joining such a rugby powerhouse. In his words, “to get the opportunity to live in the UK, to play for such a powerhouse club that I believe is on the rise is something I’m looking forward to and hopefully I can add value to the team”. He said further, “I can’t wait to get over there and play for a club that has so much heritage”.

Coach Steve Price has also expressed his belief in the capacity of the revered athlete. He said in a club statement, “Greg is a world class athlete and has received the highest honour within our game”.

He further stated, “having had 12 months out of the sport, (Inglis) has had time to refresh physically and mentally, and he is focused on having a positive influence on the Warrington Wolves”. “I’m looking forward to working with him on a professional and personal level, and I’m excited to welcome him into our group”, the statement concluded.


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