How much do AFLW players Get Paid?

How much do AFLW players Get Paid?

A Tiered Payment System

There have been arguments about the amount received by AFLW players over the years. The major criticism has been about how the female players in the league are paid way less than their male counterparts. There are those arguing that there should be a raise in pay while some others argue that male players have to contribute part of their payment to ensure the sustenance of the AFLW league.

This is because, in the absence of money and enough incentives to go round for female players, there is a chance that there’ll be a great reduction in the number of those who participate in the league. As such, to ensure the sustenance of the league, there have been clamours and propositions on the need for AFL to step in and contribute towards saving the day.

Currently, there’s a 4-tier payment structure underway to salvage the situation and strengthen the payment system of the AFLW players. This will go a long way in restructuring the payment schedules in the league and ensure that most players get reasonable pays.

Currently, the highest paid AFLW players received $29, 856 in 2020. This amount rose to a little over 35,000 as at the final agreement year. The lowest paid player receives $16,263. As such, advocates argue that this should be raised.

The payment schedule is based on a tiered system. This way, the amount received by a player increases per year for the period the agreement lasts. There have been some developments in the payment area.

However, a major problem was that there wasn’t a full season and this affects the payment system. A 14-team meant to have a full match season will only get to have ten matches per club. This reduces the revenue generated, and consequently, the amount received by each player.

On Prize Pool

The finalists every season get a monetary prize. This has been a way of spurring competition within the league and also encouraging more women to get into sports. The prize has always been a sum of $232,000. This season, the prize is set to move up to nearly $246, 500. Also, the players in the final season will be eligible for receiving extra payment, which adds to the amount they make ordinarily.

AFLW has also been making efforts in becoming a stakeholder for developing female athletes. To this end, there has been a sizable increase in the funding for the development of athletes and the provision of all necessary infrastructure and tools to ensure that the athletes perform optimally across competitions, locally and internationally. The female sport market is gradually becoming highly competitive and it’s necessary that any league or club that has plans for its female athletes to key into such.

Plans are underway to ensure that individual player investment rises from $285,000 to over $460000. This will speed up the development process and also increase returns, which a player can generate. By pumping enough funds into the sector, the chances are high that potentials will get the opportunities they need.


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