Injured warriors denied loan request by NRL

Injured warriors denied loan request by NRL

Loans And Injuries

New Zealand Warriors have $1 million worth of talent injured and the NFL is refusing to grant a loan of players to the talent-depleted team. With a long list of injured players, the Warriors are in desperation to get more players on strategic points before the start of the season.

The New Zealand Warriors CEO, Cameron George, continues his back and forth with the NRL after his request for players’ loan was denied. Scheduling a second meeting with the Commission, George is quite confident that his request would be granted. “We’ve got significant injuries in key parts of our squad.

We’ve got 28 players, but they can’t play from row so we need to go back to the drawing table on who we have available, once we get that position clarified, we can start to look at what options are available”, he said.

The long list of players missing out on the season with the club include forward Leeson Ah Mau; who is expected to recover from his pectoral injury by September, Jazz Tevaga, Jackson Frei, and Bunty Afoa with knee injuries; as well as Taane Milne and Nathaniel Roache.

With this level of injuries, the Warriors only hope is on a loan exception. The NRL’s insistence on not going back on their rules based on the fact that there are still 28 players on the club’s active roster. However, this is not satisfactory to the Warriors who do not want to go into the games at a disadvantage based on their squad being weak.

What Would A Denial Of Players Loan Mean To The Warriors?

  • As the NRL stated, the club still had 28 players on their active roster. However, this number would not be enough to position the club in a spot strong enough to compete for the Premiership.
  • It is important for the club to strengthen their positions before the games begin, a task that is proving increasingly difficult with a lack of quality players to put into position. Agnatius Paasi and rookie Jamaynie Taunoa-Brown are the only props fit to play. This does not improve the chances of the Warriors, which is why George believes the loan exemption is the only way to go.
  • George hopes the NRL will go back on its earlier decision and grant his request, which he believes is the only way to ensure a fair chance for the team. His statement reads, “The depth of our squad has been depleted in the last couple of days, and we want to see good games of footy.
  • We’ve got to make sure clubs are up to the best levels we can without failing in our duty of care and not pushing kids up to make their NRL debuts one or two seasons before they should.” “Hopefully, common sense will prevail”, he concluded.

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