Lawson Laps the field at Queanbeyan

Lawson Laps the field at Queanbeyan

Great Day For Lawson

Lawson had a great time at the Queanbeyan Open where he won and carted away an impressive sum. It was a great day when Lawson took everyone by surprise in four runs and delivered excellently to clinch the major prize. He was swift and blended in fast and smart.

He was excited at his outstanding performance which earned him the prize. The day was already long with many activities and back and forth in the game, as it wasn’t clear cut who was going to win the game.

Also, there was a weather disruption, which caused a major delay in the game and also hindered the leading group from hitting its target on time. However, all of this became clear at the end when Lawson took the lead and delivered some major points.

Daniel Gale finished in second place to Lawson. Gale finished at under 11 and Grace Kim finished in third place. Lawson won the award and he asserted that he deserved it. commenting on the win, he said that he was happy about it because he played hard and hit hard.

Anyone who watched the game knows this is nothing short of the truth. Lawson was consistent with his brilliant plays from start to finish. While acknowledging the hard-work he put into the game, he also admitted that he started the game a bit slow, before he gathered momentum and pursued the game actively, which he sustained through the game right after.

Also, it was not all smooth during the game. Lawson was unable to get all that he needed from the game up until the 8th when he made a good turn. He hit hard to almost ten feet before rolling it in.

Following this improvement, he gained enough momentum to push forward and rack up the needed points to win the game. And truly, that was how it went. Everyone noticed the momentum thereafter and the way he charged at everything differently. It was clear that he had the passion to win and he did all he had to do to bring that to fruition.

When he got to 16, he began to shoot even harder because he wanted to rack up the scores. He said there is a need to score as high as one can because you can come out and start getting low scores. As such, it is necessary to push to ensure that you make all points to keep a top profile.

And that was exactly what he did. He pushed hard with a solid three-wood set. From there, he had the big lead among all players, as his points were now far higher than those of others. At this point, it was getting clearer that the title was going to be his.

Despite that, he kept his ground and offered more solid plays till the very moment the game ended. As he recounted, it’s a great feeling to be in the finals with a wide gap from others. He admits this is not something that happens all the time, so when it does happen, it’s often comforting.


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