NZ crowd rips into Glenn Maxwell

NZ crowd rips into Glenn Maxwell

Maxwell Needs To Perform

Sport is a game of actions and reactions. When a player performs well, the fans will react accordingly, and when the player isn’t performing so well, the fans will also react. A player cannot have it all smooth, not even the best of players.

The phenomenon has reached Glenn Maxwell, as the fans reacted negatively to his performances of recent. He hasn’t been delivering as fans expect, and as you may already know, the fans are not happy with that. He hasn’t been up to par in the series against New Zealand, and this has spurred the crowd to let him know.

During one of the matches, the local spectators made attempts to advise the player, but the crowd wouldn’t have any of that. At a point, Maxwell shrugged his shoulders at those who were attending the event. Some cricket fans that were in attendance didn’t hesitate to show the player their middle fingers, in registering their displeasure with his performances so far.

This is how the game gets when a player isn’t performing up to par. When fans come to watch, they always want to see stellar performances irrespective of what your track-record is. When you don’t meet up with these demands, the fans will react adversely and show displeasure.

Maxwell’s Brief Profile

  • Maxwell has been one of the names popping up in Cricket in Australia. This is due to his growing track-record which has impressed his fans and the general audience.
  • He is one of the most fatal batsmen with adequate precision to make the right points and break through the opponent’s resistance. However, while he is this good, he has refused to perform up the record at Tasman during the series, as he has been unable to perform sufficient runs.
  • Maxwell has not had a good run, with him having recorded 1 and 3, in comparison to the Black Caps with 2-0 record in the series. The player was also involved with the Royal Challengers recently on a $2.5 million auction. Some of his teammates have also joked about the state of the results he has been able to achieve so far. A name that comes up here is another Australian batsman by the name David Werner.
  • Maxwell is currently placed at number 5 on the ICC t20 rankings. For him to scale up the ladder and claim the top position, he will have to do much more than he is currently doing. There is a need for him to make more runs and hit harder. He will have to rack up the points while creating remarkable moments for the fans. Many believe he can do this, so he should get to action.
  • This is how he can get back on track. The fans will always talk, as that’s essentially what they are there for. They are expected to pass comments and they have the right to be displeased. A player has the duty to correct impressions and make the points. Maxwell has to go and dazzle.

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