Renault Blunder Costs Ricciardo ‘A Great Result’

Renault Blunder Costs Ricciardo ‘A Great Result’

A blunder by the Renault team cost Daniel Ricciardo a higher standing at the Monaco grand prix and he is not too happy about it.

The supercars races have always been half on the talent side and half on luck and strategy. While Daniel Ricciardo is definitely not lacking on the talent side, the luck and strategy side failed him in the Monaco grand prix.

Everyone always has a game plan and the Renault Team’s game plan was to pull Ricciardo out of the race to pit before everyone else so he could have an edge over others when they rejoined the race. This bet was lost when the other four cars ahead of the racer pulled into the pit but the cars behind didn’t. By the time the Aussie rejoined the race, he was stuck behind Kiki Raikonnen’s Alfa Romero and far too back to make it to the podium.

Ever since joining the French team from Red Bull, Daniel Ricciardo’s season has been a series of mistakes, disappointments and frustrations. With an impressive qualifying start and a stroke of luck when Ferrari’s Charles Le Clerc failed in his overtaking move, Ricciardo was in a good position until the game plan went south.

Finishing the race in ninth position, the Australian expressed his disappointment after the race. “It was a very frustrating race to be honest. We had a great start, jumped Kevin Magnussen on the outside for fifth and had a strong turn one. Then we pitted under the safety car, which is where we missed out. We definitely could have done better and got a great result as we had all the cards in our hand. We’ll look at what happened and address it for future races”, he said.

While it has been a disappointing season for Ricciardo, the performances so far have been on the positive side for the Renault team which had been lagging behind the field all season. The efforts of Ricciardo are supposed to help the team salvage something out of the remaining races in the season but what this latest blunder shows is that the team still has a long way to go.

The team principal, Cyril Abiteboult, said about the incident, “unfortunately, the single most important decision of the day was to stop Daniel under the safety car. It turned out to be the wrong one. It’s clearly a missed opportunity that does not reward the hard work of the team and the drivers to improve the competitiveness of the package.”

Lewis Hamilton won the race after dragging his Mercedes through the last half of the race on struggling tyres, edging out Red Bull’s Max Verstappen.


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