Sam Kerr: ‘I can’t imagine my life without AFL’

Sam Kerr: ‘I can’t imagine my life without AFL’

A Fulfilling Experience

In a recent interview, Kerr talks about the way her life would have gone if the AFL did not exist. She has a deep passion for playing and she has fostered this love ever since she was young. Growing up, Kerr watched many players dazzle on the field and she knew she wanted to play like them someday.

She also discussed how her growing up in a supportive environment made it easier for her to not only develop love for the game but also gain the requisite insights and skills to pursue the dream. Her brother played and dominated the game for a long period, and she recounts how this is a thing of joy that also pushes her to become a better version of herself.

She also talks about the fact that her dad and, in fact, all her family members played AFL through and through. So, this made the path easier as she had nearly all the motivation she needed. In her words, all other games are second to AFL including soccer and football. This goes to show the deep love that she has for football and how she has been striving to take the legacy even farther than her family did.

While people are die-hard fans of the NFL in America, Kerr says she is a diehard fan of AFL. She watches the game from the comfort of her home and says she can still remember all there is to know about the players. For someone to be detailed about a game so much, it goes to show the love she has for the game.

She served as a true player with a deep love for the game. Even in the way she recounts her experience during the years she played, it was clear that this was someone who had an undying love for the sport. She spoke about how people asked her if AFL was the same as rugby.

She would further talk about how there were no female leagues when she played. During the time she played AFL, she had to play with boys in their leagues. Despite that fact, she still shone through the league, which goes to say that when there is passion and talent, a player can survive any condition.

“It’s not rugby,” she said. In this game, you cannot throw the ball. You can only handpass it to another player. When you handpass the ball, the player that gets it plays on and may handpass as well.

The game is free-flowing and allows for great mobility across the field. This is seen in the fact that where someone touches the ball, the game continues. There are four goalposts in the game and players are to kick the ball through the opponents’ posts. For kids, there’s something called Auskick, which makes for restrictions.

That is, you have to stay put in your area and kick from there. This reduces mobility and doesn’t allow the player to fully dazzle around. Kerr recounted that the Aiskick used to get her angry, as she doesn’t have the necessary patience.


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