Sri Lanka: Vaas quits after holding team ‘at ransom’

Sri Lanka: Vaas quits after holding team ‘at ransom’

Vaas Quits Amid The Pandemic

It came as a shocking piece of news to hear that Vaas has quit coaching Sri Lanka Cricket. No one at the time expected that this was going to happen, as things were generally tight and challenging. The period was characterised by the effects of the pandemic. The management claimed to have been shocked by the resignation development of Vaas.

He had just been signed as a coach for the team in February following the resignation of James, the former coach. As such, the management claimed that hearing that he has resigned was not only shocking but also unexpected.

Sri Lanka Cricket claimed that the resignation may have come from the fact that it refused the request of Vaas for an increase in pay. This may have been the reason why Vaas thought to resign and pursue a career in a different place.

In the release made by SLC, the management claimed that Vaas left for monetary gain and that it was extremely disappointing that he would leave all of a sudden.

SLC said that the salary Vaas was receiving was in tandem with his qualifications and expertise and that an increase wasn’t necessary when he requested it. This was the notion behind the management refusing to increase the pay.

Vaas has quality experience in the cricket world. He is one of the best to have served as a captain for a cricket team with 355 wickets and 322 ODIs and 11 test matches before he stepped down in 2009. He had a rich time playing cricket and was one of the finest cricket players. He also had the passion for playing the game and this passion did not die with him after stepping down as a player.

The passion is what drives him as a coach in order to coach teams to become the best they could be. Regardless, it is the claim of SLC that Vaas was being paid the right amount that matched his qualifications.

Sri Lanka Cricket will feel the leaving of Vaas. The team has lots of matches lined up and they will be needing a smart coach that can make do with the available resources within a short period.

It can be difficult adapting to new coaching strategies, and as such, this is mainly why many believe that SLC will have a lot to contend with on the training ground. From the 4th March, SLC is scheduled to play 3 ODIs, 3 Twenty20s, and two Test matches. All of these require that the team will be in the right shape both physically and mentally.

The Pandemic And SLC

Just like any other team, SLC has also been affected greatly by the pandemic. The strain on the sporting industry has reached practically all areas and teams. Many bosses have had to go for loans to ensure the sustenance of the team and continued operations. In fact, some players have had to suffer reduced paychecks. So, pay increase during the pandemic is quite a difficult thing for many organisations.


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