Women football to kick gals in 2021

Women football to kick gals in 2021

Things Taking Shape In Female Football

There have been some developments in the female football world for a while. The development has majorly been to spur the training of female athletes to ensure that they get the requisite training needed to become their best version. One of the most effective ways to drive economic activities in female football is by improving the quality.

By doing so, there’s a great chance that many people will gradually start watching football like they do male football. However, for this to be achieved, there is a need for more athletes in the field. 2021 looks like a year that will come with much of this development to get women up there in the football world.

Over the years, there have been several campaigns in this area, and the campaigns have been quite successful, as there has been an increase in the number of teenage girls who are now attracted to female football. Participation is the first step towards getting more engagement in the industry, and this has been the major focus of the campaigns.

There is a need to intensify more efforts in this area so that more girls can develop interest in the area. The problem isn’t that many women are not interested in football, but that they feel their opportunities in the area are slim. As such, this has reduced the rate of interest over the years.

However, that is not the case. There are various ways through which young females can join female football right from their young age and develop themselves through the program. This includes the following:

Wildcats Centres

This is a great starting point for many young girls to kickstart their football career. It is perfect for girls within the 5-11 age range. At these centres, the girls learn the basics of football and how they can develop into a better football player. Centres like this operate weekly and will kickstart at a period that falls after school.

So, parents can enroll children in these centres without the fear of the time clashing with their school time. There are various wildcats located in different parts of the country with the aim of helping female children become better players. There are over 1200 wildcat centres in the country.

Mini Soccer Teams

These teams are appropriate for introducing some level of competition into the game. At this stage, the female players are no longer doing it as a habit or fun activity. There’s some level of structure in place, ensuring that the players play according to the rules. Although girls in mini teams won’t play in leagues, they will play in 7v7 or 5v5 small football competitions, which offers them lots of exposure.

Youth Teams

These teams comprise people who fall within the 11-16 age bracket. It improves the competition level in the game and offers the young female players weekly competitive opportunities, which they can leverage to develop their skills and gain more practical insights into the real football experience.


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