Woods will not face charges for car crash

Woods will not face charges for car crash

Woods Free From Criminal Charges

Woods got involved in a car crash recently in which he sustained injuries in his ankle and back. He has had to undergo surgeries ever since to get his health back in good condition. There have been several talks around whether or not Woods will be facing charges for the crash.

However, reports have it that he will not be facing charges for the driving. The controversy was on whether he was driving recklessly or recklessly. However, he has said he wasn’t drunk while driving. Also, the Los Angeles Sheriff has mentioned that there are lots of elements that come into play for reckless driving and they do not seem to be present in Woods’ case.

He also added that there is no evidence showing that Woods was under alcohol or drug influence. As such, the case on criminal charges will not stand since the elements are not present. At most, all Woods may likely face is a low-offence, as there are claims that he may have been over-speeding. Yet, on the larger scale of things, Woods would not be facing any criminal charges.

Woods is currently recovering from the injuries and fractured bones. He has now undergone over four surgeries in recent times, and this is getting people worried about whether or not he will still play the game.

He had to be removed from the car crash by firefighters to show how intense the crash was. The fractures and injuries he suffered also point to the fact that he may take some time before he gets back active. But even when he does, will he be as active a golf player as he has always been?

Is This The End Of Woods Career?

  • Some have inquired whether he’d be able to make a Ben-Hogan comeback style. In response to these questions, Mcillroy has said that Tiger Woods is human and should be treated as such. The golf player is not superhuman. In this case, his health is what matters the most and that’s where the priority should be.
  • Mcilroy further said that people should be happy that Woods is still alive and his kids have not lost their dad to the accident. Woods has been having surgeries and getting treatments lately. Although the 15-time major golf winner has been responsive to treatment, there is a need to give him all the time he needs to get better.
  • No doubt, the intensity of the injuries gets people bothered about whether the golf legend will ever get to play golf like he used to. Also, considering the fact that this is the fifth surgery that Woods will undergo, it becomes valid to inquire whether he would be able to get back to competitive gaming.
  • However, while Mcilroy was preparing to attend the World Golf Championship, the only thing he was concerned about was improving the health of Woods, and not about his returning to the game. He further stated that Woods has been through a lot in recent times in terms of his health and the surgeries he has had to go through.

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