Yarra Yarra Golf Club Review

Yarra Yarra Golf Club Review

The New Modeling Of The Golf Club

Tom Doak has taken it upon himself to change the look of the Yarra Yarra Golf Club. The golf club has been established since 1898 and has served many people ever since. This is one gold club that many people love to visit and play golf because of the landscape and how the place is built. It has also become a place that fosters people together.

As such, it had become an iconic golf club that was more than just a club, but a community of golf players. However, the outlook had been left without restructuring for a good while, and this doesn’t speak well of the club’s image. So, Tom Doak worked with Renaissance Golf Design to give the club a new face that speaks to the quality and values, which the club stands for.

Tom Doak developed his passion for restoring houses and instruments ever since his father had a midlife crisis when the father had an accident. The accident led to dented cars and some other parts of the car were also in a bad shape.

However, unlike what he expected, the father had a big grin on, and told him that the car was a classic and will be back to good condition with a few fixes. This has, since then, been a source of inspiration for Tom concerning restoring houses and buildings, so it was exciting for him to have been invited to work on the project.

One of the major aims of the restructuring was to give golf players a comprehensive golf experience such that they get to have all they need while playing. The project kickstarted in 2018 and was completed 14 months after. This was right in time before Victoria released certain regulations based on Covid-19 and recent events that restricted business activities, which would have affected the construction project.

The Covd-19 pandemic had caused a strain on lots of activities, and as such, it affected the construction sector, as the sector would have been unable to get the needed materials for its businesses.

One of the fantastic things about the improvement is that there is now a wide expanse of the land for golf. This way, they players can play at a wide range and they have the necessary area to display their golf skills. There has been the removal of trees where they are unnecessary to create a better view and also create wider walk areas for the golf players. The hole was also reconstructed and this makes the golf club with one of the best holes you will ever find.

The rerouting has moved the fifth and sixth holes to the start. When this is considered in line with the number of trees that have been removed, there is a new feel that the holes are connected and this create an impressive golf clubhouse.


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