Yuki Inamori’s American Dream

Yuki Inamori’s American Dream

Inamori Doing All He Needs To Do

Yuki Inamori hopes to play golf at the highest levels there are. This is the American dream and he hopes to achieve it. The rising star sure has the potential and the required skill. His name has been popping up in relevant golf conversations for a while now. He also happens to be among the elite 72-man group handpicked by the world best Dustin Johnson and Champion Patrick Reed.

  • Being among the golf players selected is an indication that Yuki Inamori is in the right conversation and has been playing golf as he should. This has earned him the due recognition among the right people. Also, he continues to grow in his career trajectory at a fast rate. At 26, he has racked up points and awards and has put his name in the mouth of many.
  • The stars in the 72-man team are to gather in an expensive Concession in Florida in attendance of $10,5 million. Also, Yuka has been preparing for the WGC Championship where he hopes to take his game to the next level.
  • He has been dusting off any form of rust on him and getting his game to the best so that he can once show the world that he is not a Japan Golf Tour champion for no reason. If he makes great plays at the championship, he would have successfully taken his game beyond what some expected.

He has spoken about what he aims to achieve in the competition. He hopes to win without mincing words. However, while he hopes to win entirely, he also intends to use the championship as an opportunity to try and play the game for the value of it. He also intends to maintain a competitive spirit through the game.

Inamori says he has been in his home practicing hard and hopes to win the competition. With his expertise and quality practice, he stands a good chance of winning. So, anyone that wants to take him head on needs to match his level of preparation, and he definitely isn’t stopping or backing down.

The fact that he is a national champion adds great importance to his profile. The win in Japan has changed the face of his career trajectory and improved his visibility in the golf field.

For a short-term goal, he hopes to join his fellow countrymen Satishu Kodaira and Hideki Matsuyama on the PGA tour. One clear thing about Inamori is that he constantly looks forward to more opportunities and does all he has to do to grab and earn the opportunities.

Previously, he has featured on the PGA tournaments which were held in 2018. He finished T73. He also participated in the Sony Open 2019 that was held in Hawaii and the Open Championship that was held in 2019. With the upcoming WGC championship, Inamori intends to gain as much experience as he can while he strives to win the entire competition as well. This way, he is definitely on the path to achieving the American dream. It’s all a matter of time.


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